Well, I've already gone through 3 coils and probably will end up replacing 1 to 2 more after the weather warms up enough to do some under hood maintaince. I replaced 2 coils on the original plugs because the resister blew on one and the other one cracked right down on the end where it connects to the plug. After switching to the Bosche plugs I've had to replace another coil that cracked just like before. I'm thinking this next go around I'll have the same problem. Over time and when exposed to heating and cooling plastics become brittle and break easily. When the coils crack they develop more resistance causing more heat buildup and accelerated degradation of performance. You feel it as slow throttle response, or random missing firing on the cylinder when you try to accelerate too quickly before allowing the engine to warm up. Thanks to the misses for jumping in and taking right off.

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White 1998 4 door KIA Sportage 4x4 w/Eibach 2.5 spring lift and TJ rear coils, 4crawler 1.5 body lift, Monroe Sensa.trac shocks, Bosch 4+ plugs, Eaton LSD, 31x10.5x15 BFG KM tires, 2.5 cat back exhaust w/SpinTech muffler