I went to change the spark plugs and discovered that the plastic connector on the ignition leads that plug into the coil packs had deteriated so much so, that when I went to unplug it, the plastic just crumpled into little pieces.
So I pull the wires out of the coil packs so I can wrap some electrical tape around them and realise that I didn't take note of which colour goes where. Stupid!
There are four wires: the two short wires are blue and white. The two long wires are blue and green.
Which one goes to the two connections on the coil pack?

99 Auto Sportage. Wildcat Extractors, Lukey Turbo Muffler, Warn manual hubs, K&N Air filter, Tyres 30/9.5/15, Ironman 40mm springs, KYB front struts & rear shocks, GME TX3220 UHF radio, dual battery system. Twin 10" electric fans. Next Job: Body lift