I did my 63" Chevy spring swap this weekend. Thanks to Pirate4x4's spring swap FAQ everything went smoothly.

Here are some pics: <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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I made the front hangers out of 3.5" box. I used a plasma cutter. I notched the top to put the spring closer to the frame. The hangers are about 8" long. I used plug welds on the passenger side to avoid dropping the gas tank.

The shackles are 6" long. They started as 1 3/4 x 3/16 strap. I welded 1 inch long 1.5dia x 0.095 tubing at both holes, then split a piece of 1.5in tubing longways and notched it to go in between. For the top, I drilled one of the shackles to 3/4" diameter and welded the original 19mm shoulder bolt from the original Toyota shackles (after pressing them out in a vise). This allowed me to use the stock Toyota bushings and stock Toyota rear hanger that I torched off of another truck. NOTE: A 5" long 3/4 inch bolt also works for this, but it fits very tightly in the bushings and doesn't have a proper shoulder. I tried this first and didn't like how it worked, so I remade the shackles using the original shoulder bolts.

I did some articulation tests (sorry no pics) and realized a few things. My 33" tires hit the body before the shocks or the original Toyota bumpstops bottom out, so appropriate bump stops are in order. Droop is limited by the shocks, which are currently in the stock location.

I was not able to use the stock Toyota u-bolts with the overload leaf in place. They are just barely too short. I think they would work if I took out the overload and the bumpstop. I bought a set of generic u-bolts from a Pep Boys lift kit that were a little too wide, but worked fine after notching the lower spring plates.

The ride is a bit stiff and it looks like they want to ride on the overload a lot. I'm going to cut off the back of the overload like the FAQ suggest and possibly trim the front. If that doesn't do it, I'll take out the overload and throw in the AAL from my Toy springs or maybe some combo of the two.

Despite seeming a bit stiffer, they flex much more than the Toy springs. Once the overload is out we'll see how it rides on the street.

Hope this info helps someone else doing a similar swap.

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