Great! Being the worrywart that I am, I hooked up an LED to see when the fan came on, to make sure it cut in. Well since putting the fans in, they hardly ever cut in - on the highway and around town.
Mind you, they did work for their money. On the way back home we had a head wind and it was 48 degrees celcius in the shade (118 farenheight) <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/evil.gif" alt="" /> . It was a lot hotter on the black top, the bitumen was peeling off the road as trucks were driving over it.
Now that I'm sure they both work I have removed the LED.
Having the twin fans is a bit noisier. I took the bonnet sound damping mat off a '97 and it helps a bit. It does make it a bit warmer under there though.

99 Auto Sportage. Wildcat Extractors, Lukey Turbo Muffler, Warn manual hubs, K&N Air filter, Tyres 30/9.5/15, Ironman 40mm springs, KYB front struts & rear shocks, GME TX3220 UHF radio, dual battery system. Twin 10" electric fans. Next Job: Body lift