I'm not gonna sit here and brand bash or people bash or succomb to name calling like some of the less mature people in this board, but the lot of you make me glad I never became a "jeeper"

And now for the long awaited plug for a brand...

Isuzu weighs up there with the top groups of bone stock vehicles that can, will, and HAVE traversed some of THE worst terrain on earth. Right up there with Toyota, and Mitsubishi. Problem is this...most of the people yelling "only in a Jeep" have lived ONLY in the States. The Dakar rally is but one overseas competition where one of the "japanese trucks" dominates.

As for making a rig trail worthy, and the amount of money it takes to do it...

2000 Isuzu Amigo can be had for about 7500 bucks or less. (if you can find one...seems most Isuzu owners tend to hang on to their truck for an abnormally long time. Particularly the very able Trooper)
Comes stock with 208+ horsepower, Dana 44 in the rear, ~70:1 w/automatic...and it will only cost you ~200 bucks to put an additional 3 inches of suspension lift, plus big tires...it will fit 31x10.50's with NO mods, and with minor trimming you can fit 33's easily. Plus...it rides nice at this height and is a very comfy daily driver.

www.trailseeker.com for some pics.