thanks axe man
i bought my 1999 kia sportage 2 months ago and took it out on a 4x4 day within the first 10 mins i was stuck deep in mud and getting towed out i didnt have a clue why until i found this web site. front hubs didnt lock in because the vac hoses split. i replaced them with fuel injection hoses ( alot thicker ) and all 4 wheels going just the job.
but i will be getting some warn hubs when i can get them imported into this country. one thing i have got to ask can i put bigger tyres on the 15" rimes that came with it, without effecting the suspension cant afford a lift kit just yet, i want the warn hubs first. over here the kia is a "soft off roader" but i want to prove them wrong.
thanks again axe man you helped more than you will know