Does anyone know for certain if early style(96) auto hubs will go on a later(99) KIA?

I have a 99 with malfunctioning vacuum hubs. It is my wife's daily driver and she has no desire to hop out and lock in the hubs when the roads get slick. It never sees any tough situations-just snow/ice.

I also have a 96 with automatic hubs that work flawlessly. I don't mind jumping out to lock in hubs-every 4x4 that I've had until these two have had manual hubs.

So, what I'd like to do is buy a set of warn manual hubs and put on my 96 and take the auto hubs from my 96 and put on my wife's 99, provided that there are no fitment issues.

I suspect that they'll go with no problem, but would like to know for certain before I lay out the bucks for a set of manual hubs. (if they won't, I'll buy a set of warn autos for the 99)

anyone ever done this?


Yep, they will fit. I had early style hubs on my '98 before converting over to Warn Manuals.

But the older auto hubs are failure prone too. Which is why I went from vacuum hubs to early autos finally to Warns. I highly recommend you go for manual hubs for both your Sportages. Teach wifey how to use them. And they CAN be left locked in while in 2WD if she doesn't want to mess with them.

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