Yep, they will fit. I had early style hubs on my '98 before converting over to Warn Manuals.

But the older auto hubs are failure prone too. Which is why I went from vacuum hubs to early autos finally to Warns. I highly recommend you go for manual hubs for both your Sportages. Teach wifey how to use them. And they CAN be left locked in while in 2WD if she doesn't want to mess with them.

Cool! Thanks for the info.

Wifey knows how to use them, but I can't blame her for not want to squat in a skirt and high heels ankle deep in snow locking her hubs in...(I know she should be wearing sensible shoes, but I'm referring to those unannounced snows we get every so often) The autos have held up to my abuse they should be able to handle her work load. When and if they give out on her then I'll decide on new manuals or autos.

She drives 20+ miles a day so running with the hubs locked in (when no needed) would make a substantial dent in my pocketbook fuelwise. Besides, now I don't have wait until I thrash my auto hubs so I can justify new manual hubs for mine.

Thanks again,


'99 Sportage 4dr EX 5-speed, unmolested
'98 Sportage 4dr Auto 2wd
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