This is great info, thanks but I have a question/comment: According to Warn's customer service, the 2002 kia sportage is not supported for the hub part number 60247. Here's the exchange:
[message I left on Warn's web site]
I'm in desperate need of hub parts for my vehicle and Warn is what I'd MUCH prefer to use. Problem is, the parts list in your catalog only includes my vehicle make/model through 2001. To my knowledge, there's no difference between the 2001 and 2002 model years, can you tell me why there's a discrepancy or why the hub part number isn't listed for the 2002 model?

I'd be very willing to provide feedback regarding fit and function if you can provide assurances that if it doesn't fit I can return the parts for a refund.

WARN part number: 60247
Vehicle info: KIA, Sportage - 4 door, 4WD, standard 2 litre 4 cyl DOHC engine.

Thank you

[Warn customer service response]

We have not performed a fit/function test on the later vehicles to determine if it will fit all Kia variations. To our knowledge the 2002 vehicles implemented a vacuum hub assembly and our manual hub will not convert the vacuum style automatic hub wheel end.


Aaron Hall

Warn Customer Service



I still want Warn hubs, really, but I'm concerned about whether or not these will fit correctly.

OK, so here's the question:
Can anyone say for certain that 1)these hubs will fit my 2002 sportage and 2)that there's absolutely no chance my hubs are some kind of non-standard, factory or dealer installed item. They are the auto engage units, there is a vacuum pump under the hood and there is a vacuum line going to the back of the disc brake cover, which I'm assuming connects to the vacuum mechanism.

Granted, 2) may not be fair to ask because no one on this list has seen my car but my concern for this is related to another often discussed topic: 'What wheel size will fit a sportage.' Earlier this year, I took a set of rims off a late 80's half ton Ford 4X4 truck sitting in my father-in-law's field and tried to put one on the front of my sportage. It didn't fit, the center hole was about 1/16th of an inch to small. After searching a junkyard pile of rims for 2+ hours for a ford rim with a larger center hole, what I had was larger than most and as big as anything else I could find (I did find some mismatched, aftermarket 5 spoke wagon wheel style rims with a really large center hole, those would fit gut I don't like the look).

I've had 2 situations where I really needed 4X4, because of heavy snow fall in southeast michigan. Both times they failed. After the first time, I took it to Kia for a warranty repair, which worked. I tested it by finding some sandy mud in a field and gave it a try. Got stuck in 2WD, shifted the transfer case into 4WD and watched the drivers front wheel spin (hanging out the window) while it dug it's way out of the mud - and the drivers tire shouldn't have spun if both hubs were not engaged. The most recent time was just a few weeks ago when we got some signifigant snow, I wound up in a snow bank and had to dig my way out with my window scraper. Believe me, that's a pitiful situation to be in: this close to motor city, driving an import 4X4 and stuck in a little pile of snow.

Sorry for the long winded post but if anyone has comments or suggestions, questions I can answer about whatever, please let me know.


Wanted to make an update:
I bought the car new, in late December of 2002. It's got the 5 speed trans, no aftermarket stuff at all. It had a manufacture date (on the door somewhere) of early '02, like february some time. It has less than 80K miles, it's my commuter car - I drive 80 miles a day, 5 days a week, round trip to work. The exhaust is about to fall off and there's a nasty rattle under the hood right after starting in warm or cold weather, I think it's the clutch fan - probably should take care of that too.

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2002 Sportage 4X4 5 SPD, stock.