I just realized my 2000 Sportage 4x4 didn't work last week after getting stuck somewhere where I shouldn't have. From reading all of the previous messages in this forum and many others, I've realized this has probably been broken for awhile, I just didn't know it. My sportage has 99,100 miles on it and when we called the dealer to describe what was happening to the car, he couldn't believe this is the first problem with the 4x4 that we've had.

Anyway, I picked the car up today, and drove about a mile down the road to put gas in the car. When I parked it and cut it off, it started rolling backwards. It was in the park position but wouldn't quit rolling backwards. I re-cranked the car to pull it back up to the gas pump I had been parked at, but it wouldn't go into any gear, but instead made an aweful grinding noise, so I cut it back off. Even after putting the car in park, turning it off, and putting the emergency brake on, it wouldn't quit rolling backwards unless I also held the regular brake.

I got the dealer to send a wrecker to pick us up. They have now told me that when they hooked up the 4x4 after fixing it, that it now has other problems, which will have to be diagnosed and then they will call me and let me know what it is. They said that they could "undo" the work that they had done to fix the 4x4, and I could drive the car until they could figure out what the new problem was and got the parts ordered, which in and of itself does not even make sense.This car has had problem after problem, which I won't go into detail about right now, except to say, every time I've ever had to take this car in for one problem, it always comes back with another more serious one. IF the warranty covered the 1st problem, you can be sure that it will not cover the problem that was created while it was being worked on.

What I'd like to know is what should I expect them to tell me when they call me back tomorrow? This all happened at closing time today, so they said it would be tomorrow before they could give us an idea of what was wrong. I refused to drive the car home, as it is way to close to the warranty running out on the 4x4 in the first place, although the service manager assured me he could "fix" the mileage if I managed to drive over the warranty mileage while waiting on the parts to come in. He also told me to expect that whatever they found wrong with it now, it would not be covered under the same warranty as the 4x4, as it was probably caused by the 4x4 being broken in the first place. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/angry.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/angry.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/angry.gif" alt="" />

Any advice or suggestions are more than welcome!!!