Warning, annoyingly long post...
I am here in a desperate attempt to like my kia sportage... and to stop getting ripped off trying to keep it on the road. I have a 'little' list (sorry)
#1. My 4 wheel drive is NOT working AGAIN, as I discovered tonight when (after a hefty snowfall) it took me 40 minutes to get into my parking spot @ home (after shoveling at work all day) blah. Unfortunately it is not the first time my 4 wheel drive has been out of commision in the middle of a blistery winter, but the other two times the dealer claimed to have "replaced the entire 4 wheel drive system" as it was still under warranty, but never mentioned vacuum hoses or hubs, hm. (I am a girl though ~all sarcastic~ so they love to tell me "ALL KIA's DO THAT" about everything. I don't go to the dealer anymore, grrr, although the thread about the fuel system recall that kia failed to inform me of, almost 2 years ago apparently, has me reconsidering my dealer strike since...
#2- I can smell fuel when I turn on my heater on (awesome) AND it took me like 3 months just to get the air to work on defrost AT ALL (I managed to finally get it to work on floor & defrost so now nobody is allowed to touch the dials!!!)... Back to gas fumes, I now also sometimes hear a hum from the gas cap area when the car is warming up and my mpg is definitely crappy now.
- well there's more (super high idle issue, door lock electrical thing, window 'cabin pressure' thing, check engine light always comes back on, etc.) but that stuff would be pretty off topic for this thread so I'll just say, I DO try to take care of my car but how many jobs does a girl need to have to keep a KIA on the road?
Anyway, I guess I was wondering if anyone knows about how much new hubs run, I checked the warn site... no price list that I saw, and I would love a diagram of the vacuum system since i am probably being dumb now but I think a lot of my recent issues are vacuum related... maybe? I will need to have an mechanic do the work for me but a parts price idea is always good in my attempt to afford 'life'.
Thanks for all these great threads and info... it is very helpfull to see there really are some surviving and even thriving sportages!!! I was ready to go test drive different suv's tomorrow... but you may have swayed me to stick it out a while... I NEED MY 4WD!