hi all i have read this topic very carefully but i still have a small question??

first of all i have a 2001 2dr kia sportage with about 140,000km on the clock its running in perfect condition but my 4x4 is not workin i get the light and everything so i figured the hubs are broken..

but wen i wanted to order them from warn i coulndt find a warn dealer in dubai and didnt find a place that can ship them so i was just wondering if anyone can help me with this thing send me an adress or a link to a site that can ship me the hubs to Dubai United Arab Emirates..

one more thing can anyone send me a pic of the solinoid that i have to unplug i think i found it but am not quite sure if its the correct one a pic pointing exactly to wat i need to disconnect would be very much appreciated..

thnx all u can reply to me on mounib_moe@live.com

BiG MoE... Kia Sportage 2001, 2 door, convertable, 4 inch body lift, 2 inch suspension lift, 3000 watts pioneer sound system with 15 inch bazooka, K&N racing filter, 6000K Xenon HID Lights, exhaust system.