your advice on getting lockuot hubs is a good idea. I have a 2001 sportage. the hub vacuum seals are shot on one wheel, inner and outer bearings and needle bearing. Without that inner seal the same problem will happen again. The Kia retrofit kit is too expensive about $600 per side. My sportage was built between may 16 and july 20,2000. my problem is that i have all the new parts except these vaccuum seals. the dealer is not able to find the correct parts. the seals specified just dont fit. the existing seal is in 2 pieces one fits onto the back side of the knuckle and has to be pressed in. the other piece fits inside the knuckle piece then the half shaft fits into it. the hub piece has a part name forsheda A084032. the manual hub idea is a few years down the road after i take the vehicle tht my daughter has now. i am also wondering if the one seal is a part of the knuckle and they redesignedthe vacuum seal to fit inside the knuckle seal. please help