I have a 2000 Sportage with a manual trasmission. I've the vacuum line problems too, but here's something new. It had been about two years since my last problem with the hubs so I wasn't surprised when I went to use the 4-wheel and it didn't engage. First I tried replacing the vacuum hubs with the Warn auto mechanicals but this didn't fix the 4 wheel engage problem. Suspecting that I got something wrong or had a bad set, I decide to try the manual hubs. After installing the manuals and locking in the manuals, I took a test drive. When I shifted into either 4H or 4L, the green indicator in dash comes on, but the front wheels are still not engaged. This was confirmed by trying on both dry pavement (a short, low speed turn with no binding which should have happened) and by trying in a low traction situation were only the rear wheels spin. Tomorrow, I plan to jack up the front end and turn one wheel to make sure the other wheel turns in the opposite direction.

My question, what else could cause the transfer case to not supply power to the front wheels?