Yesterday the hubby and I installed the manual hubs on my '98. 4WD hasn't worked since I bought it 4+ years ago. (I didn't know it when I bought it! It was summer. Didn't find out until the first big snow and got stuck in the driveway!) We changed them out with no problems; just took a little time to figure it all out. Found the driver's side clip had the end broke off. (we'll be replacing it today) Drove it in 4L around the yard and up a little hill, no sound. Then we drove it on the wet/slushy road in 4H, had a loud thud every few seconds in first 2 gears. The sound stopped in higher gears. Switched out of 4wd and the sound stopped. We were thinking it may be from not being in 4wd for many years? Or is the broken clip allowing it to slip in and out?
Any help would be appreciated.

At home in PA