Although I am no mechanic, I have read A LOT of posts about hubs here and on other forums. Most Sportage people recommend the manual hubs as they are tough as nails and fairly easy to install. I ordered manual hubs from Clemson 4 Wheel, who handles the Warn hubs. My husband and I put the manual hubs on in about an hour with only minimal tools. The directions come with the hubs but I had trouble figuring out the installation. I was trying to make it harder than it was. (I usually read the directions and he does the work!) I'm sure anyone on this site could explain the procedure to you. The 4wd light will come on when you engage the gear lever but most likely the vacuum seals to the hubs are worn out and will not hold. After installing the manual hubs, you must turn them outside the car at each wheel and then you still need to shift the 4wd gear inside the car.
The website for Clemson is They were the most reasonably priced. I paid $161 total with 2 day air shipping. Hope this helps.

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