just wondering if the vacuum lines that go to the hubs is the line that comes out were the brake line comes out at the wheel well.

Yes, and if you follow the vacuum line it goes to a fitting on the back of the hub.

WEll im puzzeld. I check and the vacum lines that come out from the inner fender are blocked off Wish a rubber cap. So does this mean my hubs were modified to always be engaged.

It just dawned on me. You are in Canada. Kia Canada eliminated the vacuum hubs and installed Warn 61918 hubs as a campaign to fix the vacuum hub issues. It appears that one of your hubs is locked in. Try backing up about 10 feet a few times and see if it unlocks. If not you'll have to find out which hub won't unlock.

It is also possible that someone figured out how to permanently lock the vacuum hubs.

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