I don't understand why you do not choose to go with the manual hubs. If you really don't use your rig in 4x4 mode that often, then it shouldn't be a big deal to jump out and turn them. I've heard to many problems with the other type of hubs. If I have to get out and turn them on, then I know their on. Plus their really inexpensive for the manuals. I put them on myself in no time at all, and I'm not mechanically inclined.
I got the manuals, cause I know they will work if I got to sell the Sporty. Heaven forbid. She's my baby...

2002 4dr Kia Sportage 4X4
Tires:235/75/15, Wheels: Black 15x8 Steel ProComp 2.5" B.S., Hubs:Warn Manual, Lift:3" UPYOURKIA, Trailer Hitch, Cargo Rack, Clinometer.