Might be easier if you just disconnected the vacuum line up in the engine bay. That way if you go through a puddle crap doesn't get sucked in the line or make its way down inside the hub from the exposed end if you pull it off at the top of the knuckle.

If you can feel the tiny bit of play with your wheel on the ground then you will probably need to tighten them when you install the Warn manuals. If you feel the play when the wheel is off the ground then it might be OK, but you should still check it with a pull gage when you are installing the Warn manuals.

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Cool. I unplugged the vac solenoid in the engine bay, and gutted the right side hub. Seems to have fixed the problem....*crossed fingers*

The play was with the wheel in the air. Barely any play on the ground. Might be time soon. But I seriously doubt the bearing was the problem this time. Unless its failing differently than I've ever dealt with before.

Do those bearings get pressed in?

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