No, but the race does. There is one other bearing in the front end you will want to check when you have it open. Check the spindle bearing. The last time I pulled mine open and checked it, it was completely rusted over. I ended up having to cut it out, clean it out to bare metal again and replace the spindle bearing. This is the bearing the axle shaft rides on. It's only used when your front axle shaft is rotating, so it doesn't see a lot of use 90% of the time. However, it really kills your mileage when you put it in 4wd because you are rubbing the axle shaft against a frozen bearing. This causes a lot of ware and could end up causing the need to replace the axle. To really check it you have to pop the knuckle completely off. This involves popping off the tie rod ends and separating the knuckle from the lower ball joint. Please keep in mind typically when you do this you end up having to replace the lower ball joint and the tie rod end. So to simple test the bearing, with the wheel off and everything else removed down to the point where there is nothing left on the knuckle, spin the front axle shaft by hand and feel if there is a lot of drag. This way you donít have to pop off the tie rod end or the lower ball joint. If there is a log of drag or a lot of play side to side/up to down, you probably need to replace this bearing. If it rotates easily and has very little play, the bearing is probably still good.

When you put on the Warn manuals, you may want to put a cap on the inlet pipe in the knuckle to keep water and other contamination from getting down inside to ruin this bearing. I replaced my hubs with Warnís a while ago and didnít cap off this vacuum inlet and over time moisture/water got down in there and killed the bearing.

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