Just want to thank all responsible for this thread! I bought an '02 last summer. When I "tested" the 4WD on the dry pavement (I have other 4WD vehicles, so I did slow, sharp turns in both 4WD modes) it seemed to work.

Of course, the first time I needed it this winter, no go. My research led me here. I ordered the WARN manual hubs via Amazon, they arrived in 3 days, and, once I realized I didn't need to do anything other than remove the 6 bolts and swap parts (my originals hubs are the vacuum-assist automatics), the procedure took less than 15 mins! I spent more time trying to find my snap-out pliers (that weren't even needed because the snap ring stays put) than swapping the hubs!

It was the least effort/difficulty for greatest improvement of a vehicle I've ever done! So, thanks again! I suggest everyone do this very easy procedure and never again worry about your 4WD engaging. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />