This is my 2nd time doing the Job on this truck..did it a few years ago when I first bought the truck with 65K on it. Replaced the T belt and water pump at that time, and should have done Idler pully and tensioner pully at that time but didnt, but it lasted till 150K which is on the truck now. The Idler pully is on the drivers side and the Tensioner pully is the one down low closest to the Crank Sprocket. Replaced both of those along with the water pump and thermostat and Timing belt. The truck started on first crank..I'll post pics of the rest of the job when I get home from work. I probably should of changed out the hydraulic tensioner too but it showed no signs of wear and at 120 bucks it can wait a few months when I pull this thing apart again and do the Valve Guide seals.. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/barf.gif" alt="" />

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