i must say, it was an awsome thing getting two letters in the mail in december... 1 for my 90 pickup 4x4, and 1 for my 90 4runner 4x4 sr5.
-pickup- you all shoulda seen the face on the guy at the dealership when i pulled into the dealership with my truck and he seen the odometer... and i already knew my steering was shot dew to a jump earlier that month over a road lol. long story short the truck got over 2 grand into for free. on a 412,000 mile truck!
-4runner- wasnt even on the road! bought it for the motor, used a 1 way plate to get it home. it's nickname is "tetnus" well called the dealership and said "you guys wanna pick it up?" and since i was less than a mile away, they actually did! the guy that came over to get it looks at me and said " has this EVER been washed? or is it just a winter ride?" 44s cant be good in the snow!"(my 85)
anyways toyota is obviously the best customer treating company in my oppinion. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/butwiggle.gif" alt="" />