Well my truck finally stopped starting all together. Before, it would not start intermitantly. Like every 20th startup and I could resolve it by bangin on the starter (and Advanced Auto said there was nothing wrong with the starter when they tested it). Sometimes I could get it to start by turning off the radio, air and headlights. After I replaced the starter this time (1 week ago) I had the same probelms, but now it won't start at all.

Ive replaced the starter twice, installed an optima battery less than a year ago. Doubled up on my groud cables. installed a new positive cable going to the starter. It seems like I've got plenty of power and grounding. All the contacts have been cleaned.

Every time I try to kick it over, the dash comes lights come on and I get that friggin click over behind the right side of my dash that I'm suppose to get but that's it. But the starter won't turn. Any ideas? I'm fresh out.