Holy Crap! What an ordeal. Show up at the dealer, they bring the truck in, and say
"You cant wait for it"
well, too bad, I am, and by the way the rotors are warped... again
after about 2 hours, (being forced to watch Regis and Kelly) I get called down to my truck
They have discovered the after market steering stabalizer.
"this isnt stock"
"well we have to make a note of that"
"it might not fit back on because the new bar is thicker"
I look and see there is clearance.
It will fit.
I think that the mechanic is the grouchiest least cheerful chap I have met, and he seems to be cranky about working on my truck.
So, I ask are the rotors warped?
"well there is some blueing of the rotors"
Oh, ok....
(I am going to make a seperate post about this)
And your going to do the alignment right?
"well thats not part of the recall"
I pull out the PDF file and point it out..
Yeah it is
"well its gonna be real hard"
Thats why you are a trained professional, and I smile.

2 hours later the truck is done....

Left wheel alignment is 1.4 right wheel is 2.0 and he claims due to rust he cant get the alignment any better than that.

elapsed time 4 hours, or

Regis and Kelly
Tony Danza show
Berenstien Bears
Mr Rogers (with peggy flemming who had scary plastic surgery)
and it was headed towards oprah when I had to get away.

I had to listen to Rancid and the Ramones super loud to get my head straight



the scary creakiing noise when the wheel is turned all the way to lock is gone too.