Got mine done last Friday and the alignment too. As a test, I asked them if it needed an alignment when doing this (and I knew it did) and they told me yes, they had to do an alignment. I didn't see the old part but they told me it didn't look that bad. They did tell me my upper and lower ball joints would need attention soon which I could tell from the clunking in the front when I turn the wheel to full lock.

I had put on a new set of 285 KO's earlier in the week and that got rid of all the shimmying problems I had. One tire was cupped pretty bad. I have a Rancho stabilizer that I really like, especially when running 285's with no lift.

'97 T100 SR5 XCab 4WD
'85 FJ60 Landcruiser
4E9 ~ locked ~ 33's