I just bought my T1 last summer(2008) & wasn't aware of the recall. I immediatly took it to the trail, you know for initial 4x4 testing (lol), & found the truck had a very loud pop when the wheels were cut hard L or R. I took it back to my shop, jacked it up, & started checking the tie rods & ball joints. They all were new MOOG parts, but I found my steering stabilizer was busted & a sway bar link almost rusted in two. I replaced these w/ Rancho & Energy Suspension components, & hit the trail again. It still popped. So I was alittle confused then. Getting back home & checking my mail, I found a safty recall notice for my truck, for a "steering relay rod". I imediatly thought, "theres my popping noise". I hit my local dealership & they repaired it no questions asked or money out of pocket. The guys @ the dealer also told me this recall was a joke as far as they could see. They said they had yet to see one of these trucks with the problem that the recall warranted. So, I hit the trail again, & the pop remained. To make a long story alittle shorter, one of my wheelin' buddies -A1- told me to grease the wheel stops on my truck & it would'nt pop anymore. He was right, I greased them & it has'nt popped since. But about the recall, the new "steering relay rod" looks beefier than the old one, but I have noticed no difference, good or bad, in my truck.

1995 Toy T100 DX Xcab 4x4 3.4V6 5sp. 32/11.50/15 Destination MT's -TRAILRIDER