I have had high idle surging problem for some time with 95-22RE Toyota pickup. Read many posts on this site, replaced many parts, put up with this problem for many months. The fix was to disconnect the water inlet hoses to the manifold under the throttle intake area, blew out trash etc with air hose, was all gumed up I suppose from oler radiator and not proper radiator fluid replacement over the years. Connected everything back up, set idle back to specs, all problems were solved! This problem had caused me to set the idle speed up to keep the engine running, which in turn gave me the the surging problems associated with braking at idle etc. which are noted in other posts on this site in regard to fuel cutback when brakes are applied and/or the idle is set too high. Just wanted you folks to know how much this site has helped me with other problems and how important it is for members to please post solutions when a problem is solved so this site is kept up to date.
Thanks guys!