well today i finally got to change my sparkplugs. i did the coils wires and bosch platnum 1's. i used the writeup at the top of this page. went beautifully. while i had the intake assembly apart i figured what the hell ill clean the throttlebody. so here is what you do.

big can of carb cleaner.
toothbrush, preferably one you dont plan on using again.
no parts stores by me carry kia parts and the only kia dealer has limited so i used permatex form a gasket gray. i use the stuff assembling superchargers so for the kia it shouldnt be a problem.

12mm wrench
6mm? allen head tool.

step one, pull intake assembly apart as per instructions for changing plugs.

your motor should then look like this:
[Linked Image]

if you dont know what this is please do not go any further <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
[Linked Image]

gently remove the 3 wires to the throttle linkage. just open the blades and remove the wires, you need to mess with them a bit but its nothing more then moving the cylender out of the slot. i couldnt get a good shot of it but youll know it when you see it. then take off the tps sensor connection. now 2 12mm nuts and 1 hex bolt are in your path. the hex bolt i forgot to write down the size. i think its a 6mm. it feels like its gonna strip but hang on it will come out. now just underneath you will see 2 hoses with squeeze clamps on them. pull them suckers off. its the coolant passage. many of us racers usually block them off but in this case its such a small area the coolant moves thru i figured just leave it be. now a little pry and that tb should come right off.

then you will see this:
[Linked Image]
if you look close on the left side there is the pcv. might as well change it now it will never be easier.

so here is a 100k mile throttlebody that has never been serviced.
[Linked Image]
pretty nasty huh. go ahead and soak that sucker in some carb cleaner. and get a drink.

srape off the gasket. use the toothbrush or even a dental pick to get the gunk off the throttleblades and on the tb where they hit. and scrub scrub scrub. you will feel the difference as you open the blades while you clean.
now it should look like this:
[Linked Image]

dont forget to clean up the intake and get down in there to get out the gunk. dont spray into it though otherwise youll get a surprise on startup from pooled cleaner in the piston chamber. i just spray on the sock and toothbrush and scrub away.
[Linked Image]

now you can go ahead and spread a thin layer of the gray stuff and reinstall it all. or look below.
part 2 not for the faint of hart.

i looked at the intake tube to the throttlebody and noticed how much material blocked the throttle openings. so i decided to fix it. i wish i took a before pick of the intake tube but i didnt so just imagine it ok. after some heavy porting on the bottom and light on the top i matched it perfectly to the tb.
[Linked Image]

then i got to looking at the tb. i decided to edge the throttleblades. i used a cone stone and slowly touched it to the blade at a 45* angle. top front and back bottom. this allows air to enter sooner as the tb opens. then i took some metal off the throttleblade bar. you really dont need to since its not a race engine but i was board so what the hell.

next i took my stone onto the middle divider and didnt stop till i had a perfect airfoil. if you dont know what i mean, look up tpi airfoil on ebay. it helps feed air into the blades. then i took 1.5mm off the front opening then down to .5mm at the blades and the same on the back. this creats a venturi that forces air in faster. i thought it was bs too until a guy showed me on my saturn. so now looky:
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

isnt she a beauty. i also opened up that hole on the bottom for no apparent reason. so i bolt the sucker together and instant difference. much faster throttle responce and better feel thru the rpm range. then i decided to try something dumb. i removed the "black box" from the intake tube. i plugged it with an oil fill cap leftover from a pontiac gtp. fit perfectly into the hole. now even better responce, no buildup changin gears just smooth shifting up to redline and much more noticeable tire spin on the butt dyno. so thats my story. any questions?

1995 nissan maxima se, 5spd short throw, aluminum flywheel and crank pully, stage 3 clutch, custom ported top end, full 2.5 exhaust jdm front end