fokion, what your sayin is kinda greek to me <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
i wanted to pull off the throttlebody just to clean it. i usually save p/p for performance cars, but i got board and went ahead on the kia. i didnt really mess any of my stones up so its a double plus. i figured since i had it all apart i wanted to see how it was. i always like seeing how stuff works. if you hold the tb an dthe intake tube together like they should be, then open the blades and look in you can see where all the extra metal is. it was a pretty big difference. in some spots almost 1/4" which pans out pretty bad. after the porting and smoothing, then going to town on the throttlebody and then ditching the stupid plastic bucket on the intake tube my truck will handle up to 40mph barly touching the throttle and i can floor it from 50 and just take off up to redline with no hesitation. for as easy as it is to take it apart id say go for it. at the least clean your throttlebody. you will see a difference there.

1995 nissan maxima se, 5spd short throw, aluminum flywheel and crank pully, stage 3 clutch, custom ported top end, full 2.5 exhaust jdm front end