I did it, too, and the car runs MUCH better. I'm just not sure how much performance improvement was due to the TB cleaning/mod and how much to the spark plug replacement. But this was a good excuse to buy a Dremel kit. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />

The plugs were well worn after about 50K miles, so they needed replacement. The gaps were anywhere from .05 inch to about .06 inch - pretty wide. I looked in the air tube and the TB and ground off any metal that interfered with a smooth transition between the parts (it wasn't much but we want to remove any unwanted turbulence, don't we?). I also smoothed the tube where it flares and goes into the TB.

Let's face it, our engines aren't gonna have a lot of push at lower speeds. But any improvement will help.

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