2001 4WD Tacoma 3.4L V6 Auto

Old Oil Filter 08922-02011
Current Oil Filter 90915-YZZG1 (US MADE)
Current Oil Filter 90915-YZZD1 (THAILAND MADE)
Fuel Filter 23300-62010

Dome Light Bulb 90981-14011

(These numbers are good for 2000 4Runner 3.4L also)
A/C Belt 99364-20870-78 (about $24)
A/C Belt 91840-08708 Denso
Universal(?) part number 4PK870

(This number is good for 2000 4Runner 3.4L also)
Pwr.Steering 99364-21070-83 (about $8)
Pwr.Steering 90080-91126-83 (Tacoma)
Universal(?) part number 4PK1070

(4Runner 3.4L)
Alternator 90080-91090-83
Universal(?) part number 4PK1050
(Don't know if this works for Tacoma)

Supercharger/Alternator 00602-17620-026
(00602 prefix makes it a TRD part)
Universal(?) part number 4PK1575
(If the 4PKxxxx is not a universal size description for belts, someone let me know and I'll remove those notes. Thanks.)

E-Locker Dash mounted Switch 84725-35010

Low Profile Differential Drain Plug 90341-18021
Drain Plug Gasket (Aluminum) 90430-18008
(If the ring around your diff drain is scraped off from the rocks, this drain plug uses a 10mm hex wrench instead of a 24mm socket. It is like the one used on the IFS front diff.)

Raybestos Ceramic Front Brake Pads PGD799QS

NAPA Radiator Hoses 8249
(They show one p/n for top & bottom. I trimmed an inch off the length to use it on the bottom)

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