My wifes '87 pickup with a 22R Carbed engine started doing this about 6 months ago.
It would start up cold just fine, warm up and kick down off high idle just like it is supposed to most of the time. Every so often the high idle would be a little rough, then when it kicked down it would die.
It has been progressively getting worse to the point now it does this almost every time. If I can keep it running till it warms up it runs fine after that. One other symptom is #3 and 4 cyl not firing right, spark plugs show dry soot build up.

Done so far:
Compression test, 160 lbs. all 4 holes.
New plugs, wires, cap, Rotor.
New Coil, Fuel filter, Air filter.
Checked all vacuum lines.
No apparent manifold leaks.
Checked valve adj. Right on the money from last adjustment.
FSM EGR tests good. Tap test for sticking good also.

Got me stumped so far. HELP

Thinking about replacing carb with an extra one I have but don't know where to compare numbers for compatibility.
Thought it might be the Igniter but that is a $500.00 SWAG.

Beat to fit, Paint to match
Need a bigger hammer and more paint.

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