Rotor Part #'s
4885926 if equiped with single piston calipers
4886687 early GenII with dual piston calipers
4886690 later GenII no dimensional difference, other than discard specification (minimum thickness) May have something to do with ABS availability, not sure.

Caliper Part #'s
14263069 L single piston
14263070 R " "
14264009 L dual piston
14264010 R " " These 2 #'s are also a good brake upgrade if you have the single piston's up front. They come with the brackets to direct swap, as well as the pads.

Recommended Tranny fluid is 3 diamond from the Stealer, however, I've used Valvoline Max-Life ATF with no issues.
Let me know if any more #'s are needed, I'm bored at work today *YAWN* <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

Fasteddy's advice is occasionally sound...