In order to keep this particular thread as useful and uncluttered as possible, I would urge all to re-read the guidelines at the top, re-referenced here:

-Try to refrain from chat/conversation in this thread - if you need to comment, make a separate post.
-If someone has already posted with a part number, and you have another number to add for the same part, PM me, and I'll edit/add it to their post (since your edit priveleges on your own thread expires after a short time). This will keep the part types together.
-Don't post your cross-ref number unless you have either used it, or have it on reliable info, i.e. Mitsubishi's CAPS program, etc
-Try to include the retailer where the part is available, if applicable.
-Turn OFF your signature PLEASE (just for this thread only)

signature is on by default: please turn it off in this thread

The format we will use is:

Part name:

Part Brand and Number (retailers name)

If everyone doesn't follow this, the thread will eventually get mired down in offshoots and questions, when the idea of it is to keep it short and simple, so if you're looking for something, you can find it quickly.

If you're looking for a number that's not here, post it as a separate question. Once you find it, and try it, post your numbers on this thread, so others can benefit. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />