oh and my 93 jeep is easier to work on than my 22re... sorry guys! lol

well yeah if its a bloody straight 6 than ofcourse. but you only need five wrenches, a hammer ,and a pry bar to fix just about anything on a yota.

unless you are looking for a massive increase in ponies just stick to head work, i get just under 150 ponies and around 165 torque with nothing but head work and tweaking with the ECU. that is with 4.10 gears as well. i know that 4.88 gears will give a 17-19% increase in torque. so just a though if your bottom end is still going strong.

92' Pick-up, SAS, gears to make her crawl, 37's , bullet proof motor, and alot of time invested.
06 CRF450R one mean roost flinging machine