last I heard it wasn't like you could call up and order one. I think you had to beg him or Todd, his son to do it. I think shipping was an issue, so if you are west coast you are better off.

>>>*That's pretty close, Tod is now in the shop by himself and I got just plain old. Shipping does cost, then the core problem is the other concern. We just can't buy them locally in enough volume to get anything going.

Tod built around 20 last year all told, most actually shipped him the cores for custom work.

*Dang that's expensive with the round trip shipping.

I did train and license one local engine rebuilder to supply our StreetRV long block, but they have the same shipping cost problems.

If I could just find a source of brand new blocks we can get something going. That is the bottleneck right now....*EB

*Beats the he** outa me!....*LOL**...