you guys appear to have had the exact opposite experience that I had with Tim. I spent $1100 on a racing head that was supposed to come in a new Toyota head casting and be beautifully ported & polished and have a 5 angle valve job and stainless steel valves and new cam with heavy duty springs.

he took my money promptly, but wouldn't return any phone calls. finally 3 weeks later the unit arrived. it shipped to me loosely packed in a plastic bag in a box full of styrofoam peanuts, and some of the edges were badly dinged up and flattened upon arrival. it had stock valves; they were not stainless steel, so I had to wonder about the rest of the build. I'm not sure that the 5 angle valve machine work was even performed.

during the whole process, I couldn't seem to catch him on the phone to answer any of my tuning questions or concerns, and he never returned my phone calls. bear in mind this is after cashing an $1100 check, so it wasn't like I was just bugging him; I was a client. I finally ended up with three vague four liner responses to concise but thorough email questions I'd sent him. he was no help in my tuning questions.

never again with DOA. I'm glad you guys had better luck. from that point on, I've only dealt with LC on the smaller stuff I've needed. anything bigger, and it would be EB. I mean jeez, you just can't shut Ted up sometimes! hahaha smile

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