anything bigger, and it would be EB. I mean jeez, you just can't shut Ted up sometimes! hahaha smile

>>>*K...I heard that! What you talking about, I am a man of few words, I just repeats them a lot...*LOL**..

On the other subject, I have spoken with Tim from DOA on the phone and via email, I like him.

I think he is getting some bad raps, because my own experience with his workmanship is, I was impressed. I know ports, I understand airflow and the why and when of it, after 40 years of learning I did pick up a few pointers.

A man who runs a one man shop can be hard to reach via phone, time becomes a precious thing. The same is true for emails.

I have an advantage in that respect because I don't go anywhere near the shop unless I have to. My son Tod runs the engine shop, a one man operation because he got tired of doing things over. But that limits his time, too, so like many, he hates telephones. Were I not his Dad, he wouldn't answer it unless his hands were free, (and I have caught him with the phone off the hook more than once when he is in a critical fitting situation)

So I have time to chat, to visit, to answer emails. Combine that with me being one of those that can only sleep 5 hours each day, I have more time than most, so I am online often when the world around me is asleep.

I could just stop because I do have enough, but being online from 6 AM until 10 PM 7 days a week...simply keeps me alive and going. A trip to Reno means we send a computer, a database, a printer ahead to set up in the room. A trip to the coast means we take a system and printer, dialup there but online.

Very few shops, very few in business can do that. So folks should understand that when dealing with any business online or from a distance.

Still, I think some of the negative comments may be misunderstandings as I only have personal knowledge of just one, a 3VZE that I did not agree with the way the valves were set in. But even that is no big deal, I can't get my WIFE to agree with me most of the time.

Still, a bright young man came up with an idea to correct a geometry problem in a way I never even thought of.

Kudos for that, Kudos for trying. Which means I would LOVE to get Tim into a friendly pool game (just $5-$10 stuff...*giggle..) so I could pick his bright young brain for ideas.

Many engines get other modifications, it becomes impossible for a builder to predict results. I see posts about some of my own products mentioning little if any results, yet we documented the results on a bone stock workhorse engine over and over.

What can I say when this happens, other than try to satisfy the customer, try to help? That advantage I have of time pops up, and is likely the real difference.

It's all any of us can do, especially when the vehicle may well be many thousands of miles away and out of our control.

I happen to KNOW that Tim is an exceptional machinist, and has some good very ideas. It is always best to try an email or phone call, realize with a one man shop time matters, so responses will take longer than with some retired old coot like me that is sitting here waiting for the email to recycle.

Note that the truth is that very few online merchants can respond quickly, in fact, I will bet you will find that most larger websites don't even post an email or phone number.

Instead, you get a "contact us" form with all the little lines to fill in.

Time for some peace, Merry Christmas to all and a prosperous New Year!

Ted, Le', and Tod.

*Beats the he** outa me!....*LOL**...