eh, this all took place 4 or 5 years ago at this point and is water under the bridge.

and to clarify, the photos I sent were of the head fresh from a local machine shop after I'd pulled the head from the engine it was on at the time after losing compression in #4. the photos were more to show you the valves that were supposed to be oversized stainless pieces.

anyway, it's all water under the bridge now, and I don't mean to drag this out any further. I am but one negative in a seemingly longer list of satisfied DOA clients. these things happen sometimes, I understand that. I just like the opportunity to talk about it.

and actually, I have to make a correction. I've been paging through old photos and have to retract my statement about the porting. I don't know much about porting, but it does look quite clean. I will correct my original post. I am not sure why it's stuck in my mind for so long that I thought it sloppy. maybe there were a couple of runners on the exhaust side that looked less finished to me at the time, though I'm not even sure they're supposed to get the same attention as the intake.

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