wow Josh, I didn't know you were having trouble with yours. ha, and you were the other person I was gonna cite for having experience with Jasper!

Yea, I stopped complaining here because I got flamed the last time... The water pump they provided in thier install kit crapped out on me after about 10k as well.

The chrysler mechanic that ordered the engine for me (discount) also bought one of their 3vzes for his son's truck and they've had to tear into it a couple of times for timing belt related issues.

I understand that they are a mass mfg and will have issues, but when the only 2 options they provide when you have an issue are do it yourself and void the warranty, or pay partial labor for diagnostics and repair (they only cover $40/hr for labor, find me a shop that charges that...) the warranty is pretty much worthless unless your motor grenades itself (in which case you still have to cover the partial labor).

I didn't have time to do a rebuild myself (only 1 weekend to get it done), but in hindsight, I probably would have ordered a $500 shortblock from united engine and a head from EB. I could have built 2 engines this way and still saved money...

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