Overdrive tranny? 5 speed? go with 4.56 and look at the facts, a three speed auto vs a 5 speed manual?

3 speed auto: 4.10 with 33" tires.
5 speed manual: 4.56 with 33 or 35" tires.
For the last 6 years...
I install, on average 5 gear sets a week almost all in jeeps or custom axles to be swapped into jeeps, to date I have never had any customer say to me..."those 4.56 gears are too low, I wish I had 4.10s"ROFLOL. However, I have heard from folks who insisted that I install 4.10s say "god I wish I had listened and had you install 4.56 or even 4.88s.
Two or three gear sets a month for the 10 years prior to that.

If you listen to one fellow with one jeep who suggests to run simply what they are running in their own rig is not doing the smart thing.

You are not creating "crawl ratio" by changing from 3.54 (example) TO 4.88, if the tires went from oe to 33 or 35s.
What you are doing is getting the gear to cam and engine rpms all back matched where they are close to stock performance. Tire height is not the only factor in determining ratio, rolling resistance, air drag and weight are factors also. So if the best gear for 33x12.5 tire and oe engine is a 4.10 add the other factors and 4.56 looks much better. One other factor is "the bug" once you wheel with 33s the 35s are not to far away. Another reason to go one step past the "ideal" ratio.