Thanks for the responses,

I'm looking a weighing all my options for the gears that I'm going to install in my Jeep. Iím asking a lot of fellow four wheelers that have already gone through the trial and error of using many different gear setups. Remember this is still going to be a daily driver and it will see freeway use every day (about 16 miles round trip to work and back).

Youíre right; the one thing I donít want is to get a gear setup that Iím not completely happy with? If I go with a 4.56 setup is this going to max out my jeep around 65 to 70 MPH? (Personally the freeways that I drive are so grooved from traffic that 60 MPH in my jeep now is scary) and what is it going to do with my gas mileage? If I drop one mile per gallon or so I could live with that, but if we are talking 3-5 miles per gallon then I probably would sacrifice the 4.56 for 4.11?

Anyone no how to figure the miles per-gallon with gearing?



89 YJ, 3.5" Black Diamond Lift, 33" tires, 8000lb Warn, 4.0 91 XY engine swap.