havent posted in a while on here...been wheelin alot more lol.

comin down left hand canyon in boulder, colorado


Droppin off of a spot we call the lords crapper, due to a large toilet seat shaped whole in the edge of the rock


a little flex...


after a long day of wheelin...she aint too dirty...and you cant hardly tell that fender's another color

My buddies '85 4Runner comin down from the lords crapper

formerly 277000_yota
Old enough to know better, but still to damn arrogant to care...
'90 'Yota 4X4 (10/31/05-09/10/08 R.I.P)
'98 'Yota t-100. 3.4, 5 sp. 4x4, 2 in. Toytec with BFG A/T 265/70R16s