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CJM, ping me on that blower.. There are some things that you need to know.

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Might as well get it sand blasted. There are ag shops that have people doing large equipment all the time. Get the whole thing blasted, then you can see if "surface" rust is really surface. Not that expensive, especially with the results you will get. Make a decision based on results. If all is fine a quick pickling will go a long way. Best primer step for iron / steel is to hit is with phosphoric acid. The result is black iron phosphate which is a dandy anti rust layer and makes a perfect paint surface. Check it out on wikipedia. There are several ways of doing the pickling, including spraying with diluted phosphoric, using "navy jelly" or some variant of that. After the metal turns gray / black, a quick wash with water will get rid of the acid and away you go. So, blast, pickle, wash and paint....

I dont think I need to go that far .. but thanks for the info ..

LAST one I did .. I did all that (some of you may remember this build) but .. POR 15 does NOT need this process .
The rust you see in the pics really is only surface .. the reason for the hole (in my opinion) was because the gas tank was left in , and mud was packed in there , and it stayed wet .. thats the side that was on the bottom .

ANYWAY .. I'm totally comfortable doing as POR15 recomends .. loosen the scales , de-grease , use the metal prep .. and paint on the POR 15

This one is now 5 years old .. and still going .
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