so lookey what I did today smile

stuffed the rear springs and diff back on .. didnt get it por-15'd yet .. but that'll come later ... and yes , those are blocks .. for now .

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I needed my jack stands , so I made some little wood blocks .. for everything to sit on .. I guess I did pretty good on them , kuz , it's perfectly level

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moved the front diff over , and got it mounted as well ..
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same thing .. I still need to "detail" but for now , I have other stuff to do .

grabbed my "cherry picker" .. and decided to see just how close the engine is to fitting on the stock mounts ...

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it sorta fits , but new motor mountd are definatly called for .. the right side actually "sortta fit" ... I was able to get one bolt in , and over 1/2 the hole is showing on the second bolt ..

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I'm going to "re-do " both sides .

it's comming smile
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