ok .. so took a " step back" today , and had a look at "things"

remove a bunch of "extra accessories" I wont be using ..

[Linked Image]

I went over to a buddies place , and had a look at his /83 .. and did some measuring (I dont have a complete truck)

I found basically the engines are the same length , but the 3.4 is wider , and taller .

so I did some more "mocking up" and I think I have it now .. smile

so with the crossover on the passenger side .. it actually hits the frame .. it also would interfere with the slave cylinder , and clutch fork , so It MUST be modified .
[Linked Image]

using the crossover pipe means , I cant use a rad . ORS wants $370.00 + a core charge on the flanges for a crossover pipe .. Downey wants $395.00 for a set of chrome headers .

I have a feeling I'm going with the Downey headers . ??

ok ... so .. now with the crossover removed and the a/c compresser .. I can now get the engine where it should be , or where I want it .
>>> the stick indicates the firewall <<<

[Linked Image]

>>> the stick indicates the hood line <<<

[Linked Image]

and finally .... fan and rad .. smile

[Linked Image]

I still have a bit of room at the back , so I will move it back a little further .. + I know a guy at a fiberglass shop ( <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> ) that can build a custom hood .. and NO BODY LIFT REQUIRED .

I think I will be using the original upper mounts , and build some lowers .. not sure on the isolator yet ..
[Linked Image]

also at this height .. there seems to be lots of clearance on the oil pan .. I'm using the stock "push/pull steering" .. but if I were to go to crossover , I would need to change out the oil pan for sure ..
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back to work !

86 4x4 , fiberglass bed , 1/2 doors , hood, etc..
84 Custom 2WD 400HP supra suspension , full frame
83 Trekker SR5
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