ok .. so I know you guys arnt "keen" on the blocks ..

I ran them in my "white knight" for 12 years .. 36" swampers , ARB's front and rear , and 5:29's .. wayyyyy back in the early years .. so for this build , I'm usin em' .

anyway .. blocks work for space for the new rear calipers , and emergancy cables .

so to make the blocks work .. as on my old rig .. I built some "kicker shocks" there not as harch as a traction bar .. and still allow some movement .. but very limited , and "absorbed"

I first I cut out some brackets
[Linked Image]

welded them to the frame , with the MOCK-UP shocks in place

[Linked Image]

then I took the original u-bolt holder , and made some more brackets .. welded , and added some bump stops ..

[Linked Image]

and now I have a correction for the blocks , and " 0 " loss of clearance .

[Linked Image]


86 4x4 , fiberglass bed , 1/2 doors , hood, etc..
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