hmmm .. I hope i'm not wasting my time .. I only have 5 years on a previous frame coat , and so far no problems

did you do the wash, clean , metal ready ... ect.. steps ?

I think it might work fine for you... might not, I can't say.

I spent over $350 and numerous hours prepping that dang 4Runner. I POR-15'd everything. Scrubbed it clean, washed, cleaned w/ the POR-15 cleaner, Metal Ready, then POR-15 when the parts were ready. Used two coats, even.

I've just never had good luck w/ it. Others swear by it. If it were me doing things again, I'd blast, etch prime, prime, paint and clear coat everything. But I'm a glutton for punishment as well. smile

Brian K. Gallus
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