Nah nah nah, the problem with the 3.4 blower, was they didnt add any fuel modifications. THEN, when Gadget started doing the URD fuel kits, TRD came out with the 7th injector kit to cure the leaning out / high gear/pinging issue. However, since the TRD 7th was not end-user tuneable it didn't work well all the time (usually ran pig rich).

Now, with the 4.0 v6 an 5.7 v8 blowers, TRD sends NEW fuel injectors and has a re-flash for the computer (which they didnt do with the old ones, dont think it was possible) which compensates for the boost. TRD knows they screwed up large on the 3.4 kits and they rectifyed it for the new kits.

Also, how do you have control to "tune" your stock OBDII computer, gadget cant do it without add on devices, so i doubt you could, without a piggyback computer, no offense.

Read this page:
Take a look at that difference in power, with just a piggyback computer and bigger injectors... no smaller pulleys, nothing. TRD definately didn't do it right.

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